1. Enabling Law Establishing the Institution
  1. An enabling law establishing the institution (School), and in the case of a private institution a certificate of registration with relevant government agency responsible for higher education; such as Corporate Affairs Commission, Ministry of Education, … etc.;
  2. A governing Council for the school;
  3. Evidence of budgetary allocation to the school;


2Academic Structure of the School

  1. Headship of the School – the Head of the programme must be:
  1. A Health Records professional with Higher National Diploma/Bachelor degree in Health Information Management;
  2. Current License to practice as Health Records Professional;
  3. A higher degree in Health Information Management or in any of the core courses in the programme;
  4. Postgraduate Diploma in Education from a recognised higher institution or a tutorial Certificate from the Boards approved training on teaching methodology; and evidence of Registration with Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria
  5. Not less than an officer on grade level 13 or equivalent;
  6. For a private institution the Officer should have not less than 10 years cognate working experience in a school environment.
  1. Teaching Staff

Not less than ten (10) teaching permanent staffs to be designated as lecturers of which six (6) must be health information management professionals.                   

The 10 staffs would exclude part-time lecturers and must have:

  1. A Health Records Professional qualification such as the Higher National Diploma/Bachelor degree in Health Information Management
  2. Current License to practice as Health Records Professional;
  3. A higher degree in Health Information Management or in any of the core courses in the programme;
  4. Postgraduate Diploma in Education from a recognised higher institution or a tutorial Certificate from the Boards approved training on teaching methodology;
  5. Evidence of registration with Teachers Registration Council in Nigeria.
  1. A Career development path
  2. Office accommodation
    1. An office accommodation for the Head of School with adjoining office for a Secretary and administrative staff which must be adequately furnished and all conveniences provided;
    2. The following must be available in the head of School’s office:
    3. Photocopier machine
    4. Printer
    5. Computer system
    6. Refrigerator
    7. Air conditioner(s)
    8. Steel cabinets
    9. Office accommodations for each Senior Lecturer and above while those below the status of a Senior Lecturer may pair in an office. Such offices must be provided with suitable furniture and air conditioned.
    10. Each lecturer must be provided with a computer system.

3.  Infrastructure

            There must be:

  • minimum of four class-rooms capable of accommodating fifty (50) students comfortably, with overhead projector for teaching;
  • a hall with a capacity to hold 150 -200 students during examination; adequate walk space of a metre wide between the roles;
  • a computer laboratory with a minimum of 50 computer systems/lap-tops with electronic health record software approved by the board installed for teaching purpose. The computers must be connected to the internet with an overhead projector for teaching. A printer and photocopier provided for students use.
  • Model Health Record Demonstration Room for practical teaching (the room should have a health records management department setup)
  • School library stocked with the following among others:
  • 10 copies of international classification Diseases (ICD) current edition
  • 10 copies of international classification Diseases (ICD PCS)  current edition
  • Anatomy text books
  • Statistics text books (basics, bed utilisation, vital and health statistics)
  • Text books on health planning and management
  • Monitoring and evaluation
  • Health care planning
  • Textbooks on medical data classifications.
  • Anatomy demonstration room.
  • Internet facilities.


The practice area must be accredited and approved by the Health Records Officers Registration Board of Nigeria.

i. Affiliation to Hospital(s)

Evidence of affiliation to hospitals/health institutions for student practical postings.

ii. a. The hospital if a tertiary health institution should have:

  • a minimum of twenty (20) licensed (current) health record professionals, 10 of which must be holders of higher national diploma/Bachelor degree or higher in health information management;
  • secretarial staffs
  • at least two (2) ICT staffs.

b. for a secondary health care institution, same as for tertiary health institutions but with a minimum of 10 licensed (current) health record professionals.

c. in case of primary health care centres it should be same as with secondary health care but with minimum of five (5) licensed (current) health record professionals.

iii. Units within the Department

  • General outpatient department (GOPD)
  • Admission and discharge unit/section
  • Coding and indexing unit
  • Appointment unit
  • Statistics section
  • Central library
  • Cancer registry unit
  • Cancer register
  • outpatient department register
  • Admission and discharge register
  • Appointment register
  • Waiting list register
  • Accident and Emergency register
  1. Each student on admission must be encouraged to possess a laptop and an internet modem.  

5. Practical Attachment by Student Trainees

  1. Professional diploma students should have a minimum of eight (8) weeks of practical posting spread over the three (3) years programme
  2. National Diploma (ND) and Higher National diploma (HND) student should be exposed to 8 weeks of practical at the end of the first session.
  3. During practical posting no unit of the department should have more than 3 students at a point in time.

6. Accreditation fees

  1. New Accreditation

A School applying for accreditation of Health Information Management training programme shall pay the sum of one million, five hundred thousand naira (N1, 500,000.00) only to the Health Records Officer Registration Board of Nigeria (HRORBN). This amount shall account for:

  1. Resource Inspection visit – N1,500, 000.00.
  2. Re-accreditation              N1,000, 000.00 

A School applying for re-accreditation shall attract a fee of One million naira (1,000,000.00) only.

A school due for reaccreditation shall notify the Board 90 days before the date of expiration of reaccreditation, failure of which the school shall cease to run such programme.

  1. Period of accreditation

Accreditation shall be valid for a term of five (5) years after which it shall be due for reaccreditation. To ensure compliance the Board shall on regular bases monitor the status of the in order to ensure that the standard at accreditation is maintained through this period. Where a school is found to have fallen below the specified minimum set accreditation standard, the Board reserves the right to withdraw such accreditation from the School.

  1. Admission of Students

            Admission to each level shall not exceed twenty-five students per class of not more than 2 streams           


Registrar / CEO

Health Record Officer Registration Board of Nig.